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Recent news

Documentary: Seeds of War

With the establishment of gene banks in Lebanon and Morocco in 2016, ICARDA is reconstructing its gene collections

Traditional grazing-management practice makes an impact in southern Tunisia

Policymakers should protect them for sustainable management of rangeland resources 

Harnessing food legumes for climate-smart agriculture

 Food legumes can withstand harsh conditions and survive in water-scarce environment

Pushing toward the integration of crop-livestock and conservation agriculture

Reliance on crop residues to feed livestock has hindered the adoption of conservation agriculture. The IFAD-funded “CLCA” project provides economically- and environmentally-viable solutions

News and Events

A new micronutrient-rich lentil variety, 'BARIMasur-8', released in Bangladesh with ICARDA's research to combat anemia.

Global food security is one of the most eminent challenges that the world faces today.

Dryland Systems 2014 Annual Report Pathways to Lasting Impact for Rural Dryland Communities in the

A field day in the United Arab Emirates to promote modern techniques and cultivation methods to raise date palm production.

US Ambassador to Jordan commends the efforts of ICARDA’s Water and Livelihoods Initiative, Jordan’s NCARE and the Majidyya community to reverse degradation across the Jordanian Badia.

ICARDA scientists and partners from six focal countries look into the Center’s research activities and contributions to ‘Dryland Cereals’, with emphasis on barley production.

An ICARDA delegation meets Oman’s Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries and the Deputy Minister to discuss collaborative activities and strategic initiatives to strengthen ties with Oman.

A senior ICARDA delegation meets Qatar’s Minister of Environment, H.E. Mr. Ahmad Amer Alhemaidi and H. E. Ambassador Bader Omar Al Dafa to strengthen ICARDA’s growing ties with Qatar.

Discussions on the combined threats of climate change, land degradation, water scarcity, and food insecurity were held at the ministerial level meeting on the establishment of GDA initiative.

The CGIAR is inviting expressions of interest (EoI) for ex post impact assessments (IAs) of under-evaluated areas of CGIAR research.

ICARDA will manage the development of the Agricultural Research Strategy for Palestine 2016-2020 in partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture in Palestine.