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What should we expect from COP22?


As   the Paris Agreement enters into force, here’s what we can expect from COP22.
The Paris Agreement on Climate Change entered into force this month.  Parliaments of half the 197 signatory countries have ratified the agreement, which calls for countries to work to keep the global temperature increase below 2° C, ideally 1.5° of pre-industrial levels. See the Paris Agreement here.
The COP22 Marrakech meeting is the next step. A key outcome of COP22 is expected to be agreement on a ‘rulebook’ to measure and review climate action. 
$100 billion annually is the figure mentioned that will be available to countries for investment to put their national climate change plans into action. Most countries have provided national plans (called Nationally Determined Contributions and Adaptation Plans) to the Paris process, and they will now refine them to prepare for a review and dialogue at a COP meeting in 2018. This is expected to open the path for first investments in 2020.  
As COP22 unfolds this week, what comes next in for funding and start dates for country action on the ground, will become clear. Here’s a short, sharp summary of the current situation from the BBC. 

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