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ICARDA bids farewell to Dr. Theib Oweis and Ms. Khar Hoay Tan


BOT Chair, Dr. Toulmin, and Dr. Solh thanking Dr. Oweis for his loyalty to ICARDA.

During ICARDA’s 57th   Board of Trustees meeting in Beirut, 13-18 November, 2015, ICARDA said goodbye to Dr. Theib Oweis, Director of Integrated Water and Land Management Research Program (IWLMP), and Ms. Khar Hoay Tan, Director of Human Resources.

Dr. Theib Oweis saying goodbye after working 24 years with ICARDA.Dr. Oweis, who joined ICARDA as an Irrigation and Water Management Scientist in 1991, fondly remembers ICARDA’s ideal research settings in Aleppo and the warm community bonding and collegial relationships among the staff. “We were a big family and enjoyed celebrating events together,” he said nostalgically. “When I first joined, ICARDA did not have a separate water program, even though this was much needed in view of our work in the dry areas.” Through Dr. Oweis’ concerted efforts over the years, both in terms of program development and fund mobilization, the Integrated Water and Land Management Program is currently the second biggest research program in ICARDA and is a leading think tank in water and land management research in the drylands.

Right: Dr. Theib Oweis saying goodbye after working 24 years with ICARDA.

Under Dr. Oweis’ leadership, the Integrated Water and Land Management Program at ICARDA has established a global leadership position in the areas of supplemental irrigation and water harvesting. Reflecting upon his 24 years of fruitful association with ICARDA, Dr. Oweis said, “The creative satisfaction of sculpting this program has kept me closely tied to the organization. Moreover, ICARDA’s values of working for the poor and improving their livelihoods fit well with my own personal ideals.” Even after retirement, Dr. Oweis plans to continue providing his expertise to ICARDA and other organizations and making a difference with his work.

Ms. Khar Hoay Tan joined ICARDA in 2013, after the organization moved its headquarters from Aleppo, Syria. As the Director of Human Resources, she displayed strong leadership and management during the implementation of ICARDA’s decentralization strategy. She worked hard in bringing in young scientific talent into the organization.

ICARDA wishes Dr. Oweis and Ms. Tan all the success in their future endeavors. 

Below: In recognition of Ms. Khar Hoay Tan’s services to ICARDA.

In recognition of Ms. Khar Hoay Tan’s services to ICARDA.

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