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Dr. Owen Lavar Brough


Dr. Owen Lavar Brough, pictured recently, developed ICARDA's main station at Tel Hadya.
It is with sad regret that we announce the recent passing away of Dr. Owen Lavar Brough, who developed ICARDA’s main station in Tel Hadya, and contributed greatly to the Center’s establishment during its early years. Born in Utah in 1916, Dr. Brough earned Bachelor, Master, and Ph.D degrees in agriculture, before embarking on a long career in agricultural research for development, particularly in the Middle East, where he helped to develop numerous agricultural research and education programs.
In addition to his contributions to ICARDA and agriculture throughout the region, Dr. Brough also taught and conducted research at Iowa State University and Washington State University – in addition to numerous other pursuits, including his time as a missionary and a soldier in World War Two.
Says Dr. Mahmoud Solh, Director General of ICARDA: “It was with great sadness that I heard of Owen’s passing away. ICARDA owes Dr. Brough a great deal. As the person behind the development of the Center’s main research station at Tel Hadya, our research and achievements would not have been possible without his dedication and commitment.”
Owen Brough passed away on January 20, 2015, in Palm Desert, California, where he and his wife of 73 years, Alice, had lived since 2006.   

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