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The technologies researched and validated by the olive irrigation project are disseminated via regular trainings and farmer field days, targeting farmers, extension agents, and Ministry officials.


Inception workshopApril 8-9, Aleppo, Syria
2011 Annual Coordination MeetingNovember 30, 2011, Rabat, Morocco
Mid-term ReviewJune 27-28, 2012, Marrakech, Morocco
2012 and 2013 Annual Coordination MeetingJune 27-28, 2013, Marrakech, Morocco
National workshop: the impact of modern irrigation and fertigation techniquesSeptember 11, 2013, Tartous, Syria
Project Final MeetingOctober 8-10, 2014, Marrakech, Morocco


A one-week training course on 'Innovative methods and tools of irrigation.'14-18 March 2011, ICARDA and IAS-CSIS, Marrakesh,
2012 National Training Course: Crop and irrigation management of olive orchards8-10 November 2012, Marrakech, Morocco
Training course for 15 extension agents from GCSAR and Extension Directorate: irrigation water management for olive growingMarch 10-14, 2013, Damascus, Syria
Training course for 15 extension agents from GCSAR and Extension Directorate: irrigation water management for olive growingJune 16-20, 2013, Damascus, Syria
Seminar: olive irrigation and fertigation: targeting 22 agricultural engineers from extension units and the Department of AgricultureMay, 2013
A one-week training course on ‘innovative methods and tools of irrigation’March 14-18, 2011, ICARDA and IAS-CSIC, Marrakesh
A one-week training course on ‘Determining water requirements and irrigation scheduling of olive treesNovember 2012, ICARDA Scientists and INRA Researchers, Marrakech
Training course for 20 engineers from GCSAR centers in olive production provinces on increasing olive trees’ productivity by applying advanced irrigation techniquesFebruary 9-13, 2014, Dept. of Agricultural Extension, Damascus,
A follow up training course titled, “advance-level course in innovative methods and tools of irrigation management of olive treesJune 1-5, 2014, Amman, Jordan
Training course on improving olive productivity for 16 extension agents of GCSARJune 15-19, 2014, Agricultural Research Center, Tartous Province, Syria
A technical visit to olive growing regions of SpainSept 15-17, 2014, (IAS - CSIC) to (IFAPA)
Training course on the application of advanced techniques in olive irrigation and fertigation from 20 extension agents from GCSARSept 28-Oct 2, 2014, Agricultural Research Center, Latakia province, Syria

Farmer Field Days

Farmer Field Day targeting 50 farmersMay 2011, Tessaoute Experimental Station
Farmer Field Day targeting 50 farmersNovember, 2011, Tessaoute Experimental Station
Tasting olive oil produced under various irrigation treatments, targeting 60 farmers and owners of MaasrasJune 28, 2012, Regional Center, Marrakech, Morocco
Farmer Field Day for 16 farmers, extension agents, and private orchardsAugust 8, 2012, Marrakech
Irrigation management on new olive plantation, targeting 60 farmers and extension agentsDecember 3, 2012, Saada Pilot Plot
Farmer Field Day targeting 52 participants, including 24 technicians and 28 farmersDecember 19, 2012, Tassaoute Pilot Plot
Farmer Field Day targeting 30 farmersMay, 2013, Dara'a experimental station
Farmer field day targeting 20 farmersNovember 19, 2013, Tassaoute pilot plot (Mature olive orchard)
Farmer field day targeting 41 farmers25 Nov 2013, Saada station
20 farmers attended course on olive techniques and irrigation6-7 December, 2013, Amizmiz region
Oil taste panel for 6 farmersDecember, 2013
Farmer field day targeting 35 farmersMay 2014, Daraa Research Station
Farmer field day targeting 29 farmersJuly 2014, Daraa Research Station
Farmer field day targeting 39 farmersSept 2014, Daraa Research Station
Oil taste session for 6 farmers24 September, 2014


Project objectives

  • Increase olive yields in small-scale orchards, by promoting the use of improved irrigation methods
  • Minimize year-to-year yield fluctuation, leading to higher and more stable farm income
  • Increase the productivity of water used in olive irrigation, conserving scarce water resources